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HEMBROWS ELECTRICAL - Ask The Expert: Air Conditioning Split System Vs Ducted System

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

“What type?” you may ask. The most popular types of Air Conditioners are ducted systems and split system. While both types do the same thing, cool your home, they both go about it differently.


Ducted systems have an internal fan coil unit that is installed in the roof space of the home. This then has a series of ducts attached running into as many rooms as the owner desires. By having a ducted system you are able to cool or heat each room individually. This is called zoning.

On the other hand there are split systems, where your air conditioner is split into two main units. This is where you have an indoor unit that blows cool air into your room and an outdoor unit that is the condensing heat exchanger.

Ducted Systems


  • Ducted systems are discreet and are easily hidden behind walls and ceilings

  • Cools the entire house, but each room can have different settings if the AC is zoned

  • Is better at maintaining an even temperature throughout the house

  • Less noise than split systems


  • Is more expensive than a split system to install

  • Some homes cannot accommodate ducted air conditioning due to inadequate space

  • If you are wanting to just cool one room at any given time you’ll have to pay the energy costs of cooling the entire house (unless your ducted AC is zoned)

Split Systems


  • Generally more flexible than ducted AC. Can be installed in selected rooms and additional units can be added if owner desires

  • Significant difference in price point and normally cheaper to install than a ducted system

  • They are best suited to smaller houses and single rooms


  • Not hidden and can be considered an eye sore as the unit is hung on the wall inside the house and cannot be hidden behind walls and ceilings

  • The internal units can only push air so far, meaning they struggle to cool large rooms

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