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HEMBROWS ELECTRICAL - Staying Ahead of the Game!

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

Hembrows has always stayed ahead of the game with respect to new solar technology.

The SolarEdge HD Wave inverter was recently released to include an optional EV (electric vehicle) charging lead, allowing solar power to pass from the rooftop panels, directly through the inverter and into a home owner’s electric car.

When the Goodwin family asked for help installing a solar system for their new home, and a car charger for their new Tesla Model 3, our team quickly identified that this new SolarEdge model would be an excellent option.

Once the system was installed, the Hembrows team set up the inverter and vehicle settings through the owners smartphone which control how the solar power is used. The Goodwin’s can now relax knowing that their car and home are both operating at the most efficient levels at all times thanks to this revolutionary SolarEdge inverter!

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