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HEMBROWS ELECTRICAL - Chelmer-Graceville Kindergarten Proudly Powered By Hembrows

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

Today we had the pleasure of treating the Chelmer-Graceville Kindergarten students to a solar show and tell.


The kindy has been in operation since 1962 and is run by parent volunteers on a management committee. As the kindy is a non-for-profit they rely solely on fundraising and grants for large purchases and upgrades to help keep the enrolment fees as low as possible for the families whose children attend the centre.

Unfortunately, they had been knocked back on a number of grants and our staff member Chris Green who is also the grants officer for the kindy had been discussing his disappointment with our manager James Caldwell. James proposed that Hembrows Electrical could donate the solar power system to the kindy at no cost. This is a very generous offer for the kindy, not only does it help offset electricity costs into the future but has a flow on effect to help cover other overheads that the kindy faces, for many years to come!

After completing the installation of a 6.4kW Solar PV system, we thought that it was fitting we teach the students a thing or two about how solar works and the benefits it has for their kindy. There were many questions about how everything worked and all of the students were excited to experiment with the new mini-solar house which demonstrated exactly how solar creates power.

Alison, the Director at Chelmer-Graceville Kindergarten, was so grateful for all of the hard work and expressed her gratitude by explaining just how important and beneficial it is for their kindy.

“We are so grateful to have the opportunity to offset our electrical costs and be able to use the money saved to purchase more resources for our students. Having this system is a great learning tool to help teach the children sustainable practices and provide our future generation with all the education they need.”

Good luck for the future Chelmer-Graceville Kindergarten!

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