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HEMBROWS ELECTRICAL - Residential Batteries - What you need to know

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

As interest in battery storage remains high in Australia it is important to know what all the fuss is about.

How does it work?

Just like a normal PV system it is made up of solar panels, a hybrid inverter, plus a connection to the main electricity grid, with the addition, of course, of a battery. The panels supply power during the day, while the battery captures any of the unused solar power which can be used at night time or on low-light days.

Should I get a home battery?

Most systems regardless of size will still take 8-10 years to pay back when considering them as a separate cost to solar.

For a New Solar System …

Currently, our solar and battery bundles start at $9,995 inc. GST (installed), however this price can vary depending on brand and capacity. Many people who are investing in solar for their home are at least ensuring their solar PV systems are battery- ready, by upgrading to a hybrid inverter.

For an Existing Solar System …

AC coupled batteries start at around the $10,000 mark and need to be installed by an electrician. It is important to consider if your home is on the Government Solar Bonus Scheme. Not necessarily a good thing if you are exporting lots of solar to the grid! If you only have a low feed-in tariff, then batteries can provide an 8-10 year payback.

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